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Siles Networker 2014

Los duendes de las estadísticas de prepararon un informe sobre el año 2014 de este blog.

Aquí hay un extracto:

Un teleférico de San Francisco puede contener 60 personas. Este blog fue visto por 260 veces en 2014. Si el blog fue un teleférico, se necesitarían alrededor de 4 viajes para llevar tantas personas.

Haz click para ver el reporte completo.


Barcelona 2159

Cuando pienso en Barcelona y en el año 2159 yo ya no estaré en este plano físico sino en otro diferente y espero que con una paz y una felicidad que no es comprensible en este estado en el que ahora nos encontramos.

Pero me gustaría plasmar con palabras algunas de las cosas que deseo ocurran en la Barcelona del año 2159:

Una Barcelon con menos contaminación acústica y sonora, una Barcelona donde no haya barceloneses y turistas sino simplemente personas viviendo la ciudad, una Barcelona donde la mayoría de la población gane dinero haciendo aquello que le gusta y le apasiona, una Barcelona donde los ancianos estén mezclados con los jóvenes en casas, habitaciones, eventos, etc … y cómo ya me cansé de escribir esta carta a los Reyes Magos os dejo el siguiente video del TED Barcelona 2010 🙂

Social Media tips by Star Hall (Los Angeles USA)


– How can you connect to people ?

– Show your personality for example with funny videos

– CONVERSION: Convert your customers into fans

– Advertising Vs. Public Relations

– Publicity

– Marketing is like an Elephant Walk

– Social Media is like a Ferrari

– Your Foundation is your website cause it’s your image (Are you taking care of your site and how ?)

– If you run a one way website you’re only talking about yourself !

– Don’t create confussion in your site


– In your Facebook fan page give them something !

Social Media helps you to get new customers !

– 43% of companies in the USA get new customers using Social sites

– Offline customers can stand in front of your shop and online customers are in Social Media (similar to be in front of your business in the real world)

– To engage with your customers let me advised you to be yourself


Engage online for powerful publicity

1. “Bizper” (half business, half personal) posts: 10 per week, builds trust and connection

2. Top Tips (750 words) & Article Briefs (1250): Offers value and builds credibility

3. Answer questions: Followers ask & Leaders answer (3 per week)

4. Post tips & @Tag people: Link back to your Blog very powerful.

For example: I found these Marketing tips (Link to my Blog)

5. Check out info: 4 per day (Linkedin: More questions, post questions by category)

6. The Media is looking for Expertise (TV, Radio and Print)

7. Share 5 things engaging online that didn’t work for you


Use Linkedin Search to boost your business

1. 90% of your business could come up through Linkedin search

2. Search Options: Find people by keywords and media coverage for example

3. You can also search by Language, Company size and/or Interests

4. Invite them in

Script example:

If you are not a high level networker, please do not click on the Spam button,

simply delete, ignore or archive my e-mail.


3 Things you Must Do to be successful with Social Media Branding

1. Star posting consistently (3-5 times everyday)

Follow #bizsuccess in Twitter for nice tips

2. Post personality – Be H.I.P. !

– Humour: Funny videos, jokes, thoughts

– Inspire: Quotes & Stats

– Pull (get curious, ask questions)

Build Social Proofs

Ask Linkedin Recommendations

3. Choose quality not quantity

– The more people you know, the less you know them !

– Stablish relationships with your Twitter followers (you got to know them all)

– Be personal with people (For example: I heard you today at this event)

– Have Plan & Procedures (Have Goals in mind)

10 brief Twitter tips

– Pick a short, descriptive name for your account

– No more than 1/10 tweets should be self-promote

– Use  to shorten links and track updates

– Leave room for retweets (The lenght of your name + 4: “RT @”)

– Use lists from day 1

– to find spammers

– Direct messages

– #FF: Follow Friday

– @MT: Modified tweet

– WTF? : What the fuck if they don’t understand the language

-Useful resources: Klout (Measure your influence), Hashable (Buzz + Networking), FriendOrFollow (Who’s not following you back)



By Wendi Caplan-Carrol (Area Director-East at Constant Contact New York)

– There’s Social Media Marketing anxiety all over

– 78% of people trust consumer recommendations

– People is talking about you and about your company

– ENGAGE with people

– Do you have raving fans for your brand ? 

– Customers are not loyal but they should be raving fans 

– Ask yourself who are your raving fans

– Engagement Marketing is about building relationships

– Claim your Social Space

– Start one goal at a time

– Goals setting


Getting Media Attention

Would you like to get Media attention for your company ?

Follow this simple tips:

– Media is on Linkedin & Twitter

– For example:

– You might need minimum 3 months to get readers attention

– Connect by Source Filing

– Send an E-mail once per month

– Keyword tags in your posts






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