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Social Media tips by Star Hall (Los Angeles USA)


– How can you connect to people ?

– Show your personality for example with funny videos

– CONVERSION: Convert your customers into fans

– Advertising Vs. Public Relations

– Publicity

– Marketing is like an Elephant Walk

– Social Media is like a Ferrari

– Your Foundation is your website cause it’s your image (Are you taking care of your site and how ?)

– If you run a one way website you’re only talking about yourself !

– Don’t create confussion in your site


– In your Facebook fan page give them something !


Social Media helps you to get new customers !

– 43% of companies in the USA get new customers using Social sites

– Offline customers can stand in front of your shop and online customers are in Social Media (similar to be in front of your business in the real world)

– To engage with your customers let me advised you to be yourself


Use Linkedin Search to boost your business

1. 90% of your business could come up through Linkedin search

2. Search Options: Find people by keywords and media coverage for example

3. You can also search by Language, Company size and/or Interests

4. Invite them in

Script example:

If you are not a high level networker, please do not click on the Spam button,

simply delete, ignore or archive my e-mail.


3 Things you Must Do to be successful with Social Media Branding

1. Star posting consistently (3-5 times everyday)

Follow #bizsuccess in Twitter for nice tips

2. Post personality – Be H.I.P. !

– Humour: Funny videos, jokes, thoughts

– Inspire: Quotes & Stats

– Pull (get curious, ask questions)

Build Social Proofs

Ask Linkedin Recommendations

3. Choose quality not quantity

– The more people you know, the less you know them !

– Stablish relationships with your Twitter followers (you got to know them all)

– Be personal with people (For example: I heard you today at this event)

– Have Plan & Procedures (Have Goals in mind)

10 brief Twitter tips

– Pick a short, descriptive name for your account

– No more than 1/10 tweets should be self-promote

– Use  to shorten links and track updates

– Leave room for retweets (The lenght of your name + 4: “RT @”)

– Use lists from day 1

– to find spammers

– Direct messages

– #FF: Follow Friday

– @MT: Modified tweet

– WTF? : What the fuck if they don’t understand the language

-Useful resources: Klout (Measure your influence), Hashable (Buzz + Networking), FriendOrFollow (Who’s not following you back)


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